We are looking for creative Social Media Marketing Student Interns to work for our company.

A Social Media /Marketing Student Intern, is responsible for assisting in a range of marketing initiatives within the organization. Their duties include tracking analytics for social media campaigns, creating social media posting schedules and writing captions for social media posts in social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter, snap, google+, TIKTOK, Pinterest, etc.
Social Media Marketing Interns support the digital media staff to develop and implement outreach and promotional campaigns to boost brand engagement and increase revenue. Candidate/s may have a diverse educational qualifications and technical skills on the job. These include:
• Currently enrolled in a University/College - Bachelor’s course in Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing who is required to complete OJT or on the job training hours as a school requirement
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent internet research skills
• In depth knowledge of the major social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap, Google+ etc.
• Knowledge of Social Media analytics to track audience engagement and campaign performance
• Knowledge with content management systems, word processor applications and image/video editing software
• Three (3) Interns needed

Send your detailed resume to